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Limited: Krew Bottle

22 oz. stainless steel Kalsada Krew bottle, includes hot and sports lid. #kalsadakrew (PHP2,500 + shipping) only available in the Philippines


250g Coffee Subscription

Get a 250g bag of freshly roasted beans month or bi-monthly


1kg Coffee Subscription

For those who like to share or just drink copious amounts of coffee


Give Us A Try

For those that can't commit to a subscription quite yet, a 250g single order of a rotating selection of Kalsada coffee offering. Go on, give us a try!


Limited Release: The Three Process Subscription

From our Sitio Belis and Sitio Naguey community mill, this 2017-18 harvest trio will surely bring delight to your senses and palate! Your three month subscription journey will begin with our Sitio Naguey Peaberry Naturals only available in this subscription offer, then we take you to our Sitio Belis OCR Washed coffees for your second month, before ending with our Sitio Belis Red Honey processed coffees. Only available in the Philippines.

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Limited Release: Pigtauranan

Our first harvest from the community of Pigtauranan, Bukidnon. A washed process typica, locally called sweet coffee with notes of sampaguita, peach, and molasses. Only available in the Philippines

Learn more about Pigtauranan.



Let us collaborate in caffeinating the country!