Fashion with a side of Coffee Cocktail

Last weekend the Kalsada Seattle team served this provacative drink at the underground Seattle fashion show of the season. Moksha hosted the event, converting their boutique that normally features unique South East Asian designs into a proper runway.

Complete with music composed by Jyun Jyun combined with projected mixed media pieces, and kick-ass models that doubled as dancers, Moksha took a fashion show, with a normally static format, and brought it into the realm of performance art.

@MokshaSeattle took a fashion show into the realm of performance art

The coffee held its own amongst the crowd, appealing most to those who were going out to the Decibel festival afterwards. Spicy, smooth, with that oaky syrupy flavor that only comes from barrel-aged burbon, this coffee cocktail is the perfect start to a long night of dancing.

Without further ado, here is the recipe:

2 oz. Auntie Asthrine’s cold brew coffee (To make the cold brew: take very course ground coffee, combine with filter water at a 4-1 ratio of water to coffee, then soak for 12 hours. Filter through a cheese cloth and cut with water 1-1 concentrate to water.)

1.2 oz barrel aged bourbon whiskey

Simple Syrup infused with 3 habanero peppers (heat 2-1 water to brown sugar till the sugar dissolves, then take off the heat, add diced peppers, and let infuse for at least two hours. Modify time and amount of peppers to regulate level of spiciness )

dash of Agnostra bitters

dash of E. Smith Mercantile’s Chocolate Spice bitters

served over ice with a zest of orange

rich syrupy oak with a lasting bite, this spicy cocktail is sure to excite your senses.