Coffee harvest is underway!

Construction of the micro-mill is underway and we have already built two drying houses in preparation for the coffees. Our pulpers have been installed and experiments with the initial harvest have begun.

The origin team has been spending a lot of time at the farms as we work closely with our producer partners in bringing you quality coffee from the Philippines.  As much as we could prepare ahead of time we’re continuously still learning from each other at each step of the way as we create this community approach of processing, a collective effort that has seen some setbacks, a lot of problem solving along the way and many small victories. Our producer partners trust, support and willingness to see this through has been awe inspiring. The Filipino “bayanihan” spirit is alive and well!

The Filipino ‘bayanihan’ spirit is alive and well!

We’re on our way up again and have brought our coffee friends from Manila to help pick and process alongside our producer partners. More updates to come!