100% funded on Kiva

Just like that, we're fully funded on our Kiva campaign. We're humbled and grateful for the support all our friends and backers gave us for this fundraising. Thank you for making the start of 2017 awesome!

With this Kiva loan, Kalsada Coffee can begin a partnership with a new coffee community, expanding Kalsada's impact to 290 households this harvest season. Coffee is an annually grown crop in the region of the Philippines Kalsada works in. This can pose a difficult cash flow problem for a coffee wholesaler like Kalsada because coffee is harvested once and then sold throughout the year. This funding supports will bridge the cash flow gap between paying our coffee producing families during the harvest season and receipt of payments from our customers: wholesale cafe partners and specialty roasters.

Do check out some of the other campaigns on Kiva. With as little as a $25 loan, you are giving persons and organizations the opportunity to reach their goals.