Tasting with Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia

Our newest Kalsada contributor, Julia Fiorello, hosted a cupping at Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia. As one of the few times that we have had a tasting in the US, it was a great opportunity for us to get feedback from coffee folks on their initial impressions of Kalsada Coffee.

Nate of Ultimo Coffee. Philadelphia. 2014.

Nate of Ultimo Coffee. Philadelphia. 2014.

There were eight people that joined, including Julia, Nate, and three baristas. Inital reactions: everyone were pleasantly surprised by the Domisa Family, even though it had been roasted three weeks prior.

They described the fragrance as light honey melon with a very delicate sweetness. As they pushed the crust open on each cup, they noticed a more round almost neutral oak smoky aroma. During the tasting, some of the descriptors that came up among the tasters were spice, musky, ripe cantaloupe, delicate silky texture, bright astringent aftertaste (not wholly pleasant but not totally disruptive either), with a generally sweet character.

And “the coolest thing about Kalsada is that you guys seem to have full control over growing methods and styles, which means you can have more control over flavor profiles, influences, etc. than other growers to ‘curate’ your flavors, so to speak. You know, in addition to basically being the first specialty coffee from the Philippines.”

Thanks so much Julia, Nate, and the Ultimo Team. We are humbled and genuinely honored to have you and your friends taste our coffee. Your feedback has been received, internalized, and will be acted upon, bringing you even better coffees to taste next harvest season.

Photographs courtesy of Neal Santos