Meet Fiona

How and why did you get involved with Kalsada?

I met Carmel in Seattle, while I was living there, working in various music organizations (KEXP and Sub Pop Records). A couple days after I moved back from France, she unexpectedly stopped by Paris, just for a day, on her way back from Italy. She spent the day with me, and I showed her around a little bit. On that very day, I found a job and an apartment. I decided from then on Carmel was my lucky star! When she told me about her project back in January 2013, I felt her passion and drive and I immediately jumped on board.

What’s your role in Kalsada?

I help Kalsada with the blog (arts section) as the music curator. I manage the “Pressplay” section of the Kalsada blog. I make playlists and design the music ambiance on the website, along with other contributors. When the Café opens in Manila, this music will be played there.

What are some of your plans for Press-Play?

Two goals: Provide a rich source of music, a soundtrack for your coffee breaks; and promote Filipino and Seattle artists.

What do you see Kalsada doing a year from now?

Have a café open in Manila, selling coffee beans in Seattle and maybe the rest of the US. Have cool music played there, and live shows, with maybe even Filipino artists in residence!

What’s your favorite coffee shop?

My favorite coffee shop is Ten Belles, in Paris. It’s located in a great area, near the water so it’s the perfect rest stop after a stroll along the canal Saint Martin. It’s also the closest café to my work.

Sometimes it’s packed (probably because of the very cute baristas) but their coffee, sandwiches and pastries are worth the wait. It also reminds me a lot of Seattle, because of the hip neighborhood: you’ll see there a lot of young fixie riders and foodie expats.

Now take a sip of coffee from your favorite mug, put on your headphones, and Press Play.