A Taste of Tadian and Mountain Province Culture

On the last day of our most recent trip to visit coffee producers, we were welcomed to join a local festival. Our experience in Tadian was complete with a ‘dance-off’ performed by each of the barangay, speeches by local government officials, and traditional dress amongst the celebration participants. We were invited to join the last dance, but I respectfully declined. I am not sure if Tadian is ready for my moves just yet. However, I was very grateful to witness their culture alive and well.

After eating together with the entire community, served from a 100 meter long table in the center of the town amphitheater, we had the opportunity to serve coffee to the local officials, organizers of the festival, coffee producers, plus any and everyone else interested. Although this tasting was 100% impromptu, we were lucky to have enough beans with us. Auntie Rosita joined us as we presented three samples of her coffee under three different roast profiles.

Using an Aeropress, we first brewed the lightest roast then the medium roast, then the medium dark roast. Interestingly most of those present preferred either the light or medium roast. Tadian may not be ready for my dance moves, but they definitely seem open to trying coffee in new ways. And I am certainly interested in having another taste of Tadian.