What’s Roasting with Biz Dev

By Yichen Feng

Greetings from the Biz Dev team!

Kalsada aims to be a Philippine coffee supplier that uses coffee as a tool for community development, and since Kalsada’s launch in March, our team of coffee aficionados has been thoughtfully planning our journey to brewing that first cup of coffee for you.

Coffee bean roasting is where the bulk of profit in global coffee sales is concentrated and currently, most farmers do not have the resources to both grow and roast their own beans. Kalsada seeks to offer farmers access to our roasting services. This helps us keep the value of our coffee within the local ecosystem.

Our long-term goal is to become the first vertically integrated Philippine coffee supplier; this means that we seek to locally source, harvest, and roast beans within the country. Kalsada’s relationships with our farmers are the source of all we do. We look for those who share our vision of using coffee to nurture the local communities that grow them.

Driven by this long-term vision, we’ve been digging deep on three main priorities at present:

1)   What we will sell

We want to bring you carefully selected and uniquely crafted coffee from the Philippines that isn’t available in the current market.

2)   How we will sell

Our plans include a brick-and-mortar cafe in the Philippines, as well as making high-quality Philippine coffee available to the rest of the world.

3)   Summer plans

We’re heading to the Philippines this summer! Kalsada is sending four team members to meet farmers, pave the way for our coffee to travel, and create partnerships to get our operations up and running. Check back for a detailed post on our summer campaign and find out how to get involved.