Kalsada Joins Global Relief Effort

Although it’s been over a week since Super Typhoon Yolanda (known internationally as Haiyan) tore through the Visayas, its true impact has only emerged in the last few days. According to the UN, as of today more than 13 million people have been affected, with 4.3 million displaced.

It’s now Kalsada’s priority to mobilize our resources to support relief and recovery efforts.

On Saturday, November 23, we’re taking part in a global day of solidary with the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Our Barista Bash in Paris is just one of many events around the world in cities including Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, and New York. To find out about events and fundraisers near you, visit Bayanihan, a joint project we’ve signed on to with Kaya Collaborative. Through this network of gatherings around the world, we hope to raise awareness not just for Haiyan but for all survivors of Philippine calamities.

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