Kalsada champions Philippine specialty coffee. Our top priority is to support Filipino coffee producers and their dedicated efforts to bring quality coffee to market.

We seek to build trust and partnership with local communities. We invest in machinery and equipment to elevate coffee quality, and we pay farmers over $1 per pound more than Fair Trade. We do this by actively listening to communities, in order to meet their needs.

Through our work, we hope to encourage future generations of Filipino coffee growers, and to spread the word about Philippine specialty coffee.



We are helping farmers meet our exacting standards by providing the machinery, equipment, and training necessary for these growers to take their coffee from good to great.



We believe that truly exceptional coffee is built by healthy and prosperous communities, and it is best appreciated by knowledgeable passionate consumers.



If the soil were a piggy bank, we aim to make as many deposits as possible. We are focused on building environmental wealth for future generations of growers.


Carmel Laurino
Chief Catalyst - Manila

Born in the Philippines, raised in the Pacific Northwest, Carmel has always wanted to find a way to honor her heritage. She has set out to make a difference one cup at a time.


Lacy Audry
Chief of Coffee - Seattle

A coffee-geek since 2010, Lacy learned to roast while writing her master’s thesis on the coffee industry in Vietnam. When she is not roasting or cupping, she is probably topping out boulders in Leavenworth, WA.


Tere Domine
Country Director - Manila

With a background in bio-genetics, Tere’s warmth and fluency in Ilocano opened doors for Kalsada. On the days she is not on the farm, Tere can be found sipping coffee in her roof-top herb garden.


Kaye Lavin
Sales & Client Relations - Manila

Kaye is our resident photographer, writer and lover. Her constant search for cafes and stories has brought her to specialty coffee. When she is not in a cafe, you will find her wandering the streets of Manila, taking photos and writing random things.


Hubert Ursua
Apprentice Roaster - Manila

His love for specialty coffee started a few years ago as a home barista, an obsession that eventually lead him to joining Kalsada as a roaster. His main field is IT and dreams of creating things that can help people far-flung from the tech world.


Ivy Soon
Field Officer - Mindanao

Through Kalsada, Ivy became a reborn coffee drinker. She wants to reach out and positively affect the lives of the partner producers with her technical experience. Her background is chemistry and quality assurance.